Check Out Dependable Food Storage Options on the Wallaby Store

Since the start of the pandemic, many people have switched to reliable food storage solutions at home. Storage solutions like Mylar food storage bags have allowed people to stock up on food items for longer periods and reduce their frequent need to go shopping for groceries. Mylar bags provide a dependable, easy, and cost-effective way to store food. Mylar bags are made from multiple layers of polyethylene and aluminum, which create an effective barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and pests. Anyone can easily use Mylar bags to store food for long periods.


To keep food for at least ten to fifteen years, depending on the type of food, Mylar bags should be purchased from a retailer like Wallaby. Wallaby has been offering the best Mylar bags on the market to aid with long-term food storage. These bags are the best option for carrying necessities when camping or touring. You can find a wide variety of bags in the store. All these bags come with lightweight construction, air and moisture resistance, and other advantages.

On the Wallaby Online Store, You Can Find Bags that Suit Your Needs

If you’re having trouble finding Mylar bags in-store, you may easily get the assistance you need by visiting the Wallaby online shop. The Mylar bags sold by Wallaby are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. You can explore storage guides, techniques, and more using the Wallaby website’s food storage calculator.

MylarBags Can Block Light

Light can damage food easily. Mylar bags are, therefore, an excellent way of preserving food and keeping it safe from damage caused by light. Sealing these bags with an Impulse sealer prevents the passage of oxygen and water vapor, making them airtight and ensuring that food does not spoil due to mold or fungus. In addition, Mylar bags are much more affordable than other food storage methods, such as glass or plastic containers, and they take up less space.

MylarBags are Food Certified

Mylar bags offered by respectable stores like Wallaby are made from exclusively food-grade materials. Wallaby is dedicated to prioritizing your health and has used premium materials throughout the manufacturing process. Wallaby’s food storage bags have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are devoid of harmful chemicals like bisphenol A.

Check out the wide range of options available on the Wallaby online store!

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