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Large Mylar Bags To The Rescue

What do you usually do when you cook extra food one day? Most probably, you will store the leftover in the refrigerator. However, this is normal for people to do so. But what happens when the amount of leftovers is no joke? In these situations, only large mylar bags can help. Here is an instance when these mylar bags saved a cafe owner from loss.       Bulk order:     Jennifer owned a cafe in a perfect location. She offered the best coffee in the area. Her cafe was always full of customers, and the demand for coffee was extremely high. Looking at the popularity of the beverage offered by her cafe, she decided to increase the amount of supply of coffee beans from the African supplier. When she received the bulk order she had not thought she would face a problem. Storage issues: At first, she kept the coffee beans in the same paper bags that had come from the supplier. But eventually, the beans started rotting due to moisture exposure. She had no idea what to do. So, she searc

Questions To Ask Before Choosing Mylar Bags for Long-Term Food Storage

Have you been planning on starting with long-term food storage? Are you confused about what products are necessary to start this journey? You need to invest in some essentials such as 5 gallon Mylar bags for food storage , oxygen absorbers, identification labels, etc. These products would make it much more seamless for you to start with food storage as they are all that you need for it.  Can Mylar bags help you store dry goods safely? When you are planning on getting started with long-term food storage, you may want to store a lot of dry goods that can help you in case of an emergency or any other such situation. So, you should first consider if the bags can help you store dry goods safely without any harm to the food items stored inside them. This is essential and is the most basic thing that you should consider before investing in any Mylar bag. Can the Mylar bags prevent light and air from entering? The biggest enemies of your food products are light and air. This is beca