Large Mylar Bags To The Rescue

What do you usually do when you cook extra food one day? Most probably, you will store the leftover in the refrigerator. However, this is normal for people to do so. But what happens when the amount of leftovers is no joke? In these situations, only large mylar bags can help. Here is an instance when these mylar bags saved a cafe owner from loss. 

 Bulk order: 
Jennifer owned a cafe in a perfect location. She offered the best coffee in the area. Her cafe was always full of customers, and the demand for coffee was extremely high. Looking at the popularity of the beverage offered by her cafe, she decided to increase the amount of supply of coffee beans from the African supplier. When she received the bulk order she had not thought she would face a problem.

Storage issues:

At first, she kept the coffee beans in the same paper bags that had come from the supplier. But eventually, the beans started rotting due to moisture exposure. She had no idea what to do. So, she searched a few options on the Internet and came across heavy duty mylar bags for food storage purposes. She went on to check more about these bags. At the time, the option seemed feasible to her. So, she ordered large mylar bags to store coffee beans.

Finally a solution:

When the mylar bags arrived, Jennifer was still not sure whether they would work or not. But she still persuaded everyone to transfer the paper bags as they are into the mylar bags. She also ordered some oxygen absorbers. Before sealing the bag, she made a small cut on the paper bag and inserted an oxygen absorber into it. She sealed the bags using a flat iron afterward. She checked the bags daily to see if the beans are still good or not. But after getting busy, she forgot about checking them. And after months, she opened those bags from the coffee bean stock for usage. She was really impressed as the beans were still safe in those bags and ready for use.

About Wallaby:

You can always visit Wallaby to get the best mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. The store makes sure to fulfill your requirements for food storage. Now, you do not need to make the shelves heavier with food containers. Just use mylar bags offered by Wallaby.

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