Answered Here: 4 Important Questions about Mylar Bags and Food Storage

Dry goods are best stored in Mylar bags since they are readily destroyed by air. These bags are airtight and often come in combination with oxygen absorbers, ensuring a longer shelf life for dry food items. They are also effective for keeping bugs and other pests away, as they provide a barrier that insects and animals can't penetrate. Often, customers have many doubts while purchasing gusseted food bags. Here we have tried to answer four important questions asked by customers:



What Thickness do Experts Recommend for Using Mylar Bags?

The standard thickness recommended by experts is 5 mils. This thickness ensures that the bag is durable and can protect your food from any environmental pollutants like moisture and oxygen. However, the thickness may vary depending on what type of food you are preserving and how long you plan to store it. For example, if you are storing food for longer periods of time, a thicker mylar bag would be more beneficial.

How Do I Seal Food Storage Bags?

The best way to keep the contents of mylar bags safe is to use heat sealers for mylar bags. You can use either a standard hair straightening iron or a specialized heat sealer to effectively and securely close the top of your food storage bag. Heat sealing is a simple and efficient method for ensuring that your food stays secure and safe in the Mylar bag. To start, carefully insert the open end of the bag into the heat sealer and press down firmly to form a tight seal.

Recommended Moisture Level for Food Storage

Moisture-rich foods shouldn't be stored in Mylar bags. It is important to monitor the moisture level of food stored in Mylar bags. Generally, the moisture level should be below 10%, but it is best to aim for a lower level of 5-6%. Storing food in Mylar bags with a moisture level that is too high can lead to mold growth, insect infestations, and even food poisoning.

How to Safely Store Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags with food can be stored safely with proper care and attention to the environmental conditions of the storage area. Keep them in a plastic or metal container in a dark area away from moisture and sunlight.

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