Use These Tips to Make the Most Out of Mylar Bags

A modern kitchen absolutely needs to be at its best when it comes to food storage. With the increasing need to maximize food storage, every household needs to adapt to new technologies of food storage. One of the most basic techniques that are proven to give the best results is Mylar food storage bags. In this article we have compiled a few tips that will help you in maximizing your food storage by using Mylar food storage bags:


  1. Always Use Thick Mylar Bags: If you get thick Mylar bags, you can be sure that the food won't get oxidized. Thin Mylar bags do not provide this advantage because they decrease the life of food stored inside. Whereas proper sealing and thickness ensure that the food can be stored for a long period of time. To ensure this, you must get Mylar bags that have around 4 to 5 mils thickness.
  2. Do Not Forget Oxygen Absorbers: The food can get oxidized by a little amount of oxygen stored in the bag. Industries use vacuum production combined with the filling of inert gas in the storage bag to prevent oxidation. As an alternative technique, you can use oxygen absorbers before sealing the Mylar bag. 
  3. Consider the Bag Size: Some foods such as grains and pulses require extra CC of oxygen absorbers, whereas compact foods like pasta require less CC of oxygen absorber. Therefore, you should consult a proper manual to find the kind of oxygen absorption bag that you’ll need for the kind of food.            
  4. Mylar Bags can be Reused: Most Mylar bags come with reusable features like a zip that can be used for sealing the pouch. You can either seal the pouch for long-term storage or you can use the zip feature for short-term storage. 

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